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USB3.0 Data Link Switching Network Hub
Believed to be, a World First; and Only
USB3XFR™ technology provides the ability to deploy individual switched network connections between multiple systems using standard USB 3.0 cables and connections, in turn establishing 5 Gigabit-per-second pipes to each USB3-Network connected peer. Although initially designed on the Windows OS platforms, other OS implementations such as Linux, Mac OS (OS X), Android and iOS are possible. For more detailed information, feel free to CONTACT US via the online form. Select "other" for subject and key in a message relative to your interest in USB3XFR™.

An innovative patent pending USB3 Host-to-Host Data Link technology is the basic core element of the award winning XL-450 4-Port USB3.0 Network Switching Hub. The prototype, as seen in the image above, was proudly displayed in the CES TECH WEST Pavilion at the Sands Expo during CES 2015; having been selected as an Innovation Award Honoree in the Computer Peripherals category. USB3XFR™ was primarily designed to deliver a low-cost private, local and secure 5-Gigabit USB3-switched networking hub solution, ideally deployed between several attached USB3-equipped Host peers; provisioning a world's first USB3.0 SuperSpeed File Transfer capability. At the time, USB3 Data Link Host-to-Host technology was the missing and elusive ingredient in the ubiquitous USB3.0 Host-to-Device(only) protocol. For more information JOIN OUR MAILING LIST